About us

St. Louis Pirates Baseball is a baseball College Development Program. The staff works hard to coach, train and develop players in a manner consistent with what is expected at the collegiate level. In order to grow your child’s skill level, we organize teams made up of the top talent in the area and place them on our team the St. Louis Pirates. The Pirates then go on to compete against the best teams from cities across the nation.

We use age and skill designations for our teams, and our program is really divided into two developmental components: 13U & 14U provides the foundation for development and matriculation to high school baseball. The 15U through “Seniors” part of the program is for College Development.

It is St. Louis Pirates’ aim to take your sons talent to the next level. Since 1996, we’ve trained thousands of ballplayers, many who’ve gone on to play in college – and even some that’ve went further to play in the pros.

Merging technology with baseball

To ensure your son reaches their true athletic potential, St. Louis Pirates integrates the latest technology used by professional ballplayers. What was once reserved for only multi-million dollar players can now be accessible to your child as it’s utilized in our training methods.

The information revealed through our training helps us refine players’ game to a level that would otherwise be unachievable, and prepares your son for their long-term success in the game of baseball.

Hands-on training from some of the best coaches in the country

St. Louis Pirates Baseball’s team of coaches have incredible coaching and playing experience at numerous levels of the game. We are confident your son will have a great experience and grow as a player and person, as they will receive hands-on training from some of the best coaches in the country!


With St. Louis Pirates Baseball, you don’t have to settle for mediocrity

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